Academic Job Market

Academic Job Market

Build your academic job applications using these tips and templates.

This section covers the core documents that make up an academic job package: the CV, academic cover letter, research statement, teaching statement, and diversity statement. Each of these documents should be tailored to speak to the specific needs of the program to which you are applying. The following pages speak to best practices and standards across disciplines. You should check with your department to ensure that you incorporate discipline-specific standards into these documents.

Hierarchy in Hiring: Quantifying Effects of Academic Pedigree in US Faculty Appointments and Attrition

Does academic pedigree equate to destiny? Not necessarily on an individual scale, according to K. Hunter Wapman, Sam Zhang, Aaron Clauset, and Daniel B. Larremore in this September 2022 paper in Nature (vol. 610, pp. 120-127). But the study, spanning 2011-2020, does confirm that a small number of high-ranking PhD-granting institutions (including UCLA) supply the vast majority of tenure-track faculty in the US overall. Furthermore, white male faculty with degrees from these prestigious institutions show the lowest rates of attrition after hiring of any demographic in the study. Scroll down for key takeaways from this study. You can also read the article to explore the data behind these intersecting factors in the composition of the US academy, which highlight the barriers that endure within and beyond the academic job market.

By Eden Franz
Eden Franz North Campus Graduate Career Consultant
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A scientific approach to navigating the academic job market

Sofia Beas & Kirstie A. Cummings 

Neuropsychopharmacology  volume 47, pages 621–627 (2022)

After consulting with your mentors, you have decided to go on the job market this year [1,2,3]. Congratulations! This is a huge milestone. One that …

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