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Frequently Asked Questions

Employer FAQ

How to Create an Account

  • Visit https://app.joinhandshake.com/register
  • Select the Employer account type from the options presented
  • Fill out the information requested then click Sign Up
  • Enter your recruiting interests and Alma Mater to help us better understand how you'll use Handshake. Then click Next: Employer Guidelines
  • Read the Employer Guidelines, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy
  • Next, on the following screen you will see instructions on how to verify your account via the email address you provided. The email should arrive within 10 minutes and will contain a link enabling you to confirm your account. You must click this link before you can proceed with the registration process. If you don't receive a confirmation email, please see our Confirmation Email Troubleshooting Guide.

*If you are a third party recruiter select answer Yes, then review and check the box to agree to Handshake's third party recruiter policy to move forward. If you are not a third party recruiter, select No. Then, click Next: Confirm Email.*

How to Add UCLA on Handshake

  • Log in to Handshake
  • Go to Schools, under the "Relationships" category on your left navigation bar
  • Choose the + Add More Schools button above your list of schools
  • Click the (+) next to “University of California, Los Angeles–Student Employment"

How to Post a Job

  • Start by clicking Post a Job from your home dashboard. You can also click Jobs in the left hand navigation bar and then select Create Job toward the right hand corner.
  • You will now be asked to complete 4 steps: Job Basics, Job Details, Job Preferences, and Schools to post the job to. You don't have to fill out every field to create your job- required inputs will be identified with an asterisk (*).
    1. 1. Job Basics (Job Title*, Company Division, Contact Info, Job Type*, Employment Type* Duration*)
    2. 2. Job Details (Description*, Job Functions*, Salary, Location*, Required Documents)
    3. 3. Job Preferences (Graduation Date Range, Minimum GPA, Majors, Applicant Packages)
    4. 4. Schools (Add Schools, Remove Schools, Interview on Campus, Apply Start Date, Expiration Date)
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How to Request An Event at UCLA

  • Click Create an Event on your homepage or go to Events on the left hand navigation bar and click Request Event on the top right hand corner.
  • Fill out the information requested about the event:
    1. Host School A list of your connected schools will appear. Choose one to host the event.
    2. Career Center: If applicable at the host school, choose the career center on campus to host the event.
    3. Type: Select the type of event this will be to help students know what to expect
    4. Name: Type the name of the event that will be visible to the school and students
    5. Invite Only: Select this box if you will be inviting specific students to the event. Leave this unchecked ifyou would like this event to be open to all students.
    6. Start and End Date of the Event
    7. Image: Upload an image visible to both the school and the students. If an image is not uploaded, the host school's logo will be visible.
  • Fill out the description of the event and complete the survey questions required by UCLA.
  • Click Request Event. From here, you will be taken to the Overview page, where you will see the status as Pending in the top right hand corner. You will also see a summary of the information you provided, including your survey responses. If you need to change any of these details, please click Edit in the top right hand corner.
  • Navigateto the Qualifications on the top right hand corner where you can specify which types of students will qualify for the event. If you would like to leave this event open for all students, you can leave the qualifications blank but we do recommend identifying school years to which the event is targeted. Click update Qualifications in the bottom right corner when you have completed this step.

*You will not be able to edit your event once it has been approved. Please reach out to the Career Services Center if changes to the event need to be made.*

How to Register for a Career Fair

  • Click Register
  • Select a booth option
  • Add your basic information (Company Description, Names & # of Representatives)
  • Select a division within your company if available (e.g. Company: LA Savings, Division: Sales)
  • Select any jobs you currently have posted at UCLA
  • Select the criteria you are looking for in potential candidates
  • Select your payment method, and agree to the school's refund policy
  • Answer any additional questions from the career center and click Create Registration when you your registration is complete