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For coronavirus information for the UCLA community, please visit the Ashe Center website and UCLA’s information page.

UCLA Career Center

Spring 2020

All Spring Events will be held virtually.

April Events

Tackling the Job Search in the Age of COVID19 for Grad Students and Postdocs
Wednesday, April 15th
How do you find a job at this challenging time? Join us for an interactive workshop to learn how to effectively tackle the job search in the age of COVID19. We’ll talk about how employers are handling recruiting and hiring at this time, different search engines to find job openings, how to use search terms to find the jobs you are looking for, and other strategies to find jobs. We’ll end with a Q and A to answer your specific questions.

Virtual Interviewing: Tips to Master the Online and Telephone Interview for Grad Students and Postdocs
Thursday, April 23rd
Employers are increasingly using online platforms and telephone screening in the first rounds of the interview process. Persuading someone that you are the right candidate for a job or internship is a skill that requires thought, practice and confidence. Learn persuasive techniques to enhance your storytelling abilities and highlight key contributions and skills. We’ll cover best practices to master both telephone and online interviews. Attendees will leave with a strong understanding of how to prepare for and excel in two specific interview settings.

Building Professional Relationships Online in the Age of COVID19 for Grad Students and Postdocs
Tuesday, April 28th
With more people working virtually right now, take advantage of this opportunity to develop online professional relationships with alumni, potential employers, and mentors who can help you explore career paths and undertake a successful job search. We’ll talk about how to find people to talk with and explain how to set up and prepare for informational interviews. And we’ll share best practices to help nurture these professional relationships. We’ll end with a Q and A to answer your specific questions.

May Events

Jumpstarting the Academic Job Search for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts, and Education
Thursday, May 21st
Planning to go on the academic job market next fall? Want to be prepared to take full advantage of any opportunities you find posted? Join us for this interactive workshop! We’ll cover all of the job documents, share best practices for writing each one, and develop a plan to manage competing deadlines.

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