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UCLA Career Center

All Bruins with access to Handshake may participate in the Future of Work Conference programs from Monday, May 17 thru Thursday, May 20. Employers are invited to participate in the VMock Resume Drive (Monday, May 17) and the HIRE UCLA Job & Internship Fair (Tuesday, May 18). Career Service professionals are welcome to join our Future of Career Services Symposium on Friday, May 21.

DAY 1 - Monday, May 17

Power Moves: Preparing for the Pivot - Keynote: Wayne Kimball Jr.

Power Moves: Preparing for the Pivot
While technology continues to develop and evolve at rapid speed, companies and the workforce are faced with the challenge of adapting quickly. Consequently, students and professionals are often forced to change jobs or industries, and sometimes both. With adequate preparation, making a career pivot can be your next power move!

Keynote Speaker:
Wayne Kimball Jr.
M&A Strategy and Integration Lead at Google

Welcome and Introduction by Hassan Akmal, Inaugural Executive Director, UCLA Career Center

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Time: 1:00-2:00pm

VMock Resume Drive

Improve your resume using VMock and share it with employers eager to recruit Bruin talent!

What is VMock?
VMock is a smart resume platform that allows you to build your resume and get detailed feedback anytime, anywhere. You will get high-level feedback 24/7 based on criteria gathered from employers and UCLA community standards. VMock scores your resume to help you improve. If you score 85% or more, you are in the “green zone” and will be eligible for UCLA’s resume book.

What’s a Resume Book?
A resume book is a collection of student resumes, often targeted by class year or major, which is purchased by employers. To ensure we offer recruiters a strong collection of resumes, we will share all resumes which have earned an 85% or higher (green zone) resumes.

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AUDIENCES: Undergrad, Masters/PhD/Postdoc

Career HotSpot: The Moderna World Is Expanding

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The Moderna world is expanding! Come work with us!

The UCLA Career HotSpot series is thrilled to connect our Bruins with Moderna, a pioneer in mRNA technology! Discover how they navigated disruption and became a leader in the global pandemic response. Also, learn about their current and expanding career opportunities at the Moderna Technology Center.

Moderna Speakers:
Amy Rabideau, Associate Director, Process Development
Phillip Cox '17, Process Development Engineer
Brian Doyle, Director, Process Development
Kerrie Patten, Senior Talent Acquisition Program Specialist

Handshake Event Listing
Time: 3:00-4:00pm

More About Our…
Career HotSpot: An Industry Series

  • Discover hot new trends within an industry
  • Connect with industry disruptors
  • Gain insight about where the industry is going
  • Learn how companies are solving new problems
  • Identify potential job & internship opportunities

DAY 2 - Tuesday, May 18

HIRE UCLA Job & Internship Fair

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AUDIENCES: Undergrad, Masters/PhD/Postdoc
Time: 2:00-6:00pm

The PhD Pivot

Successfully Making the Move from the Academic Job Market to Careers in Industry, Government, and Nonprofits

Are you a doctoral candidate or postdoctoral scholar considering a non-academic career? Join us for a panel on how to navigate career disruption and prepare for a rewarding career in industry, government or the non-profit sector. Hear from UCLA graduates sharing how and when they realized they were going to pivot from the academic job market and how they launched a non-academic career using their doctoral expertise. This event promises to offer practical guidance, strategies, and inspiration for dealing with a dwindling academic job market while launching a dream career in industry, government, or non-profits!

Erin Askounis, PhD Materials Science and Engineering
Adam Azzam, PhD Mathematics
Catherine Schweppe, PhD Neuroscience
Melanie Ho, PhD English
Saskia Nauenberg Dunkell, PhD Sociology
Eunice Wong, PhD Psychology

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Time: 5:30 - 7:00PM

Plan to Pivot: Thriving in the Face of Change

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Are you an undergraduate student thinking about how to plan and prepare for post-graduate life in a time where there’s so much change? Learn the 3E approach to help you Envision, Establish, and Execute your career and life plan. Develop strategies to navigate career planning in the face of change, while increasing your clarity and confidence about your career options.

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Time: 6:00 - 7:00PM

DAY 3 - Wednesday, May 19


What's Your Brand Story? Presented by Shirin Raban (UCLA Extension)

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Speaker: Shirin Raban
Learn how to articulate the value and tone of your brand through a message that moves your audience.

Have you ever struggled to quickly explain what you do to someone you just met? Did you ever wonder how people come up with short and effective descriptions about their career or activities? Explore examples of professional and student brand stories and learn how to articulate the value and tone of your brand through a message that moves your audience.

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Time: 10:30am-12:00pm

The Future of Social Media and Marketing

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Join us for a panel featuring social media gurus to discuss current trends in the industry and the future of social media and marketing. This event is part of our Future of Work Conference’s Social Media Day. Use #UCLAFutureofWork to share your questions ahead of the event!

Bria Deans, Brand Marketing, NBCUniversal (E! and Bravo)
Tyler Dimich, Sr. Social Media Manager, ESPN
Michelle Harrow, Director, Global Talent Acquisition Strategy & Operations @Twitter
Melissa Llarena, CEO of Career Outcomes Matter
Amanda Savercool, Director of Social Media for UCLA Strategic Communication

Shaneequa Shyrier, Digital Marketing Manager at Facebook

Handshake Event Listing
Time: 1:00-2:00pm

Savvy Up Your Socials: Recruiter Perspectives on the Job Search

In this panel and networking event, hear directly from recruiters on how you can use social media to secure new opportunities, how employers use social media to recruit talent, and how you can maximize your digital presence.

Madeline McCooe - Accenture*, Recruiting Location Lead
Kiana Drake - City Year*, Regional Recruitment Manager
Zakia Whiteside - Northwestern Mutual (West LA)*, Director of Campus Recruitment
Brittany Cicmanec - Deloitte, Campus Recruiting Specialist
Sarah Shields - FormFactor Inc., Director of Human Resources
Tasha Ross - WarnerMedia, Talent Acquisition Manager

Handshake Event Listing
Time: 4:00-5:30pm

*UCLA Career Center Employer Partner

Career HotSpot: Starting Up with Startup UCLA

Catch video clips on Instagram @UCLACareerCenter featuring Startup UCLA and some of the incredible entrepreneurs they helped kickstart! Join us at:

►Watch the Video
Q&A with Startup UCLA
Connecting UCLA students with LA's digital startup scene.

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Penzils connects students with student tutors more efficiently and conveniently than ever before.

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All your cravings delivered in 10 minutes.

Career HotSpot: An Industry Series
- Discover hot new trends within an industry
- Informally connect with industry disruptors
- Gain insight from recruiters about where the industry is going
- Learn how companies are solving new problems
- Identify potential job/internship opportunities

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AUDIENCES: Undergrad, Masters/PhD/Postdoc

Designing Your Career & Life Podcast

Designing Your Career & Life Podcast
by Jordan I. Maness

A UCLA Career Center Podcast. A series of interviews with diverse professionals discussing provocative career-related topics that inspire, transform, and empower you on a path towards a meaningful life.

Episode 1 Navigating Disruption with Pulin Sanghvi

In this episode, we talk with Pulin Sanghvi, who has previously directed career centers at both Princeton and Stanford's Business School, about critical skills and mental shifts required to thrive in the new world of work. Pulin also shares his thoughts on the benefits of ambiguity, why perfection is overrated, and what he’s learned from the happiest people he’s met on the planet.

Pulin Sanghvi
Speaker on purpose and meaningful work. Leader and change agent at Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.

Jordan I. Maness
M.Ed./Certified Life Coach, Program Director, Graduate Career Services, UCLA Career Center

AUDIENCES: Undergrad, Masters/PhD/Postdoc

DAY 4 - Thursday, May 20

Level Up: Skills Employers Want & How to Develop Them Now

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With so much disruption going on in the world of work, it's natural to feel uncertain about the future. Let's talk about the skills employers want, how you can develop them now, and how to feature them on the resume & LinkedIn.

This event will:

  • Arm you with information and data on the skills employers are looking for now and in the future
  • Discuss the mindset and tactics essential to navigating ongoing disruption & uncertainty
  • Share tips on how to determine which skills to focus on based on positions you're interested in
  • Highlight specific skill-development resources that are free, virtual, and look good on your resume
  • Provide guidance on how and where to mention these skill-development experiences on your resume & LinkedIn

Presented by:
Alexis Rampaul, UCLA Career Center, Internships & Talent Development Manager

Handshake Event Listing
Time: 10:00-11:00am

The Future of Design is Immersive, and Really Fun (UCLA Extension)

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The profession of Design has always been about conveying information clearly, beautifully, empathetically, and joyfully. Recent technology advancements have allowed designers to find new methods to do this with their audiences that engage beyond the traditional visual methods. These include systems that use sound (voice-based), vibration (haptic), and immersive visual systems such as VR, AR, and MR (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality).

User Experience (UX) is a significant area of growth and opportunity in a field that is quickly adopting these technologies through agency-focused Design. We will look at some of the growth areas that include User Experience, agency-based storytelling, immersive realities and touch on some skill-sets in demand.

Scott Hutchinson
Developer of curricula: Design, UX, Art, Photo, VR, AH. Designer/Consultant for purpose-focused firms, TEDxUCLA Licensee

Thomas Dillmann
NFL, Director of User Experience
UX Strategy | UX Design | UX Research| Product Management, Leading diverse teams to transform digital experiences through data-driven design solutions, UX Research and A/B Testing Culture Champion

Handshake Event Listing
Time: 11:00am-12:00pm

The Future of Networking: A Fire Side Chat (Alumni Association)

Networking is the most powerful tool for your career. It allows individuals to explore career opportunities and also build professional relationships in and among organizations. As companies gradually move toward a post-COVID landscape, many are considering having their employees continue working remotely, or some type of hybrid of in-person and remote work. How will this shift impact opportunities for mentorship and growth for new employees entering the workforce? And how will it change how we interact and network with each other? This fire chat explores this unique challenge.

Carlos Collard Sahil Punamia '03
Senior Administrative Analyst at City of Santa Monica

Martha Saucedo ’96
Chief External Affairs Officer at AEG

Gerald Corporal
Director, Alumni Career Engagement | Moderator

Handshake Event Listing
Time: 2:00-3:00pm

Successful Self Advocacy

Successful Self Advocacy: Strategies and Life Lessons from Diversity & Inclusion Leaders (The DOORS Series)

Insights from this dynamic panel of diversity, advocacy and inclusion industry leaders will empower you to be more successful on your educational and career journeys. You will learn about personal and organizational strategies and resources to help navigate the future of work while effectively living your truth.

Kolin Jones, AT&T*, Lead College Recruiting Manager
Courri Brady, Paradigm Strategy, Director
Erin Haywood, projectBASTA, Director of Career Success
Jenn Wells, Ed.D, Marlborough School, Director of Equity and Inclusion

Handshake Event Listing
Time: 3:30-5:00pm

*UCLA Career Center Employer Partner

DAY 5 - Friday, May 21

Future of Career Services Symposium

Morning Session
UCLA Career Service Professionals

Keynote, Open Forum Session, and Closing
ALL Career Service Professionals

Morning Session

UCLA University Career Services only*

Welcome from Hassan Akmal, Inaugural Executive Director, UCLA Career Center

Breakout Group Sessions

Reporting out from Breakout Groups


Introduction from Hassan Akmal

“My Personal and Professional Journey to Meaningful Work and Reimagining Career Services” with Pulin Sanghvi

Q&A with Pulin Sanghvi

Lunch Break

Afternoon Session & Keynote: Pulin Sanghvi

Open to all Career Services Professionals globally**

Forging Inspiration: Career Centers and the Free Agent Economy

Keynote Address
Pulin Sanghvi
Speaker on purpose and meaningful work. Leader and change agent at Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.
Inaugural Executive Director of Career Services, Princeton University
Assistant Dean and Director of the Career Management Center, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Executive Officer, Yale Alumni Association Board of Governors

In the last decade, university students have been pursuing more diverse and empowered career paths than previous generations had access to. For many students, finding purpose and meaningful work at the beginning of their careers has become of paramount importance. At the same time, the rapidly changing economy has created asymmetric opportunities for exploration, risk-taking, and impact. In this talk, Pulin Sanghvi will explore the role of the modern career center in inspiring students to develop an individual definition of meaningful work and then to effectively support those students in charting deeply personal paths forward, taking full advantage of the asymmetric opportunities embedded in the modern economy. Drawing from his experience leading reimaginings of the career development ecosystems at Princeton and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and his experience on the Yale Alumni Association Board of Governors, Pulin will offer strategies and best practices to orient career centers on the themes of inspiration, nimble exploration, and personalization.

Open Forum Discussion: Sharing Best Practices

Closing Remarks
M’Chelle Ryan
, Associate Director of Industry Relations and Experiential Learning, UCLA Career Center

*The morning program (9am-12pm) is exclusively for UCLA University Career Services Professionals
**The afternoon keynote and Open Forum Discussion are open to all Career Services professionals globally