Career Development Concurrent Session II

12:30 p.m. - 1:20 p.m. (Choose ONE 50 minute session)

How Employers Utilize Social Media in Recruitment

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 UCLA Career Center, Conference Room A (Third floor)
Jason Tran and Adrienne Antonio, Senior Regional Recruitment Manager, West Coast, Citi Year Los Angeles

Sure, social media may be great for keeping in touch with far-away friends, but did you know that social media may also be the ticket to your next job? Find out how to use RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other online tools to fast-track your job search. Learn how employers use social media when hiring both to recruit candidates and by publicizing job openings.

From learning how to leverage your social network to applying essential strategies in online job search to identify new opportunities, this action-packed workshop is sure to teach you the most effective ways to utilize social media for your job search.

Is Graduate School Right For Me?

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UCLA Career Center, Room 117 (First floor)
Princeton Review Guest Speaker and Sanaz Nabati

When considering the pursuit of graduate school, it is critical to know all of your options and weigh the right and wrong reasons for pursuing further education. Learn what graduate schools seek in their applicants and how to make your application more competitive. Manage the application process more effectively by: Choosing the right program, writing an effective personal statement, earning and requesting strong recommendations, and avoiding common applicant mistakes.

Navigating Work Place Politics for the Young Professional

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UCLA Career Center, Conference Room B (Third Floor) 
Lindsay Doung and Sahil Punamia, Discovery Communications

You’ve landed a great career track position and have a feeling of exhilaration. Now, to the next and most important step…successfully navigating the "unwritten rules" of your workplace while quickly learning the cultural norms while avoiding "political minefields." From this workshop you will obtain best communication practices to help you succeed in the workplace, quickly learn the fundamentals of business etiquette, and how to maximize your network in order to achieve career success.

Mastering Your Elevator Pitch in the Job Interview

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UCLA Career Center, Room 200 (Second floor)
Jordan Maness and Holly H. Hudson, West Coast Regional Recruiter, Central Intelligence Agency   

The dreaded ‘tell me about yourself" question looms over every interview and your answer often significantly impacts the duration of the interview. For better or for worse! Crafting and perfecting a solid "elevator pitch" should be the first entry on your "Job Search To-Do List." It is a concise and compelling story that covers who you are and how you can add value to that organization. It should be your go-to pitch if you are at a job fair or even at a social engagement where you might connect with someone who may be able to help you secure a career position. Condensing your experience history into a manageable opening statement can be challenging. In this session, you will receive tips from a career counselor on how to formulate an effective elevator pitch. Learn from an employer what they truly want to hear as an "interview opener" and what they tune out. Let us empower you to master your elevator pitch!

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