Career Development Concurrent Session 1

11:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m. (Choice of one Session)

Building an Impactful LinkedIn Profile

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UCLA Career Center, Conference Room B (Third floor)
Stacy Harriman and Katherine Starros,
Head of People Operations for ATTN:         

An eye-catching and professional LinkedIn profile is essential whether you are gathering leads, networking in your preferred industry, or in the midst of an active job search. There are currently over 450 million LinkedIn users. Learn how to customize and differentiate your profile from the masses of applicants to garner the attention of recruiters and potential employers. In this session, you will learn strategies to polish and improve your current LinkedIn profile.

Getting Unstuck: Concrete Steps to Making a Positive Career Transition

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UCLA Career Center, Room 200 (Second Floor)
Precious Robinson and Michele Thomas, Manager, County of Los Angeles, Dept. of Workforce Development, Aging, & Community Services

Do you desire a career change but feel directionless or lacking in momentum? Perhaps you just need a slight push to extend yourself outside of your career comfort zone. This workshop is designed to reenergize the young professional who has decided to switch gears and move out of their current career field. It includes topics on how to repackage yourself for the job market, incorporate previous work experience, and add seemingly unrelated personal experiences. This is recommended for anyone who has taken time away from the workplace to attend graduate school, travel, or change career direction. Hear from an employer who has hired across industries and how they view applicants attempting to make a career transition. This session emphasizes a comprehensive and strategic approach to the job search process, the importance of being focused, the hidden job market, and how the UCLA Career Center can assist you in your career journey. Learn how to creatively brainstorm your job search and career options, repackage your skills for new opportunities, and highlight your accomplishments and achievements for interviews and resumes.

From Informational Interview to Job Offer

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UCLA Career Center, Conference Room A (Third Floor)
Sheila Benko (Partnership) and Guest Speaker
Mina Patel, former Entertainment Executive, Paramount Pictures

Have you wondered what a job is really like? Are you looking for an "in" to connect with someone in your targeted industry? Do you want to expand your network but hate the idea of events? Do you want to be the person that says, "Oh, I met someone who connected me for that job?" The secret? The informational interview! Informational Interviews are conversations to learn about careers, industries, and to develop relationships. Valuable information can be discovered about the ins and outs of a career choice, and strategies to help your next career move. It is not to find a job or internship, though the connections you make, may lead to one. But you are making authentic connections with professionals who could become friends, mentors, or potentially future colleagues. Take a chance and find out!

Learn how Mina Patel, a former Executive at Paramount Pictures, has mastered the art of the informational interview to successfully explore career directions from entertainment to non-profit consulting, one conversation at a time.

Sheila Benko, a professional career counselor, will teach the step-by-step strategies on how to get started and leverage your connections for purposeful conversations. Whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, you can master the art of the informational interview!  Let’s talk!

Do’s and Don’ts of Mastering the Online Application: Revamp Your Resume

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UCLA Career Center, Room 117 (First floor)
Krisztina Kecskei and Ellesse Wong, Director of Campus Recruiting, Northwestern Mutual

Online applications which are lengthy and involved are the new norm for job seekers. Applicants find themselves scrolling through multiple drop-down menus, expansive text fields, and endless document-upload prompts, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the final "submit" button. Once your documents are submitted in cyberspace, it becomes a waiting game. In this session, discover how you can create an effective resume, using keywords to revitalize your online presence. Learn directly from an employer the current status of the online application and what can improve your chances of being noticed by a potential hiring manager.

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