Medical School Admissions Statistics For UCLA Graduates

The Medical School Acceptance Rates are listed by year. Each link includes the following topics.

  • Overall Medical School Admissions for First-Time Applicants
  • Medical School Admissions Admit Rate Table
  • UC & Other California Medical Schools Acceptance & Matriculation
  • Other Medical Schools (outside of California) Acceptance & Matriculation
  • Majors represented UCLA Applicants Accepted to Medical School

Medical School Acceptance Rate

About the New MCAT Scores:

The new MCAT debuted in 2015. Amongst the many differences between the old MCAT and the new MCAT are the scoring scales. For assistance, with interpreting new MCAT scores and/or old MCAT scores, click on the links below to the Association of American Medical College’s (AAMC) percentile tables.

New MCAT    |    Old MCAT

For more information, visit AAMC’s list of FAQs regarding the revised MCAT.