Resume Books

Get your resume in the hands of employers with Resume Books, a valuable feature of Handshake.

By adding your resume to our industry specific Resume Books, an employer can view your resume when they request a Resume Book from your area of interest. Including your resume in our Resume Books presents a great way to enhance your job search!  Don’t delay, as there are quarterly deadlines to submit your resume in order to be included in Resume Books. (See Handshake for current deadlines). 

Resume Books are designed to provide recruiters and hiring managers with exclusive access to resumes of UCLA students who are actively seeking job or internship opportunities.  Only pre-screened employers who register with the Career Center will be given access to Resume Books.

Categories include:
You can choose to include your resume in up to four books

Full-time Resume Books (designed for students graduating in the current academic year):

  • General Full-time
  • Engineering/Technical (including Computer Science, IT, Environmental) – Full-time
  • Finance/Accounting – Full-time
  • Business (including Consulting, Marketing, Human Resources and Management/Leadership Programs) – Full-time
  • Biotechnology/Science and Health – Full-time
  • Communications/Media/Arts and Entertainment – Full-time
  • Non-Profit/Public Service (including Government) – Full-time

Summer Internship Resume Books (designed for students graduating in the following academic year):

  • General Summer Internship
  • Engineering/Technical (including Computer Science IT, Environmental) - Internship
  • Finance/Accounting - Internship
  • Business (including Consulting, Marketing, Human Resources) - Internship
  • Biotechnology/Science and Health - Internship
  • Communications/Media/Arts and Entertainment- Internship
  • Non-Profit/Public Service (including Government) - Internship