Personal Information

The Career Center at the University of California, Los Angeles is committed to exercising sound and effective privacy practices with the electronic personal information of its users. We operate computer systems that are developed by our technical group and we also partner with external organizations for our job listings, resume database, and campus interviewing services. Information collected by systems is used to tailor and deliver services to our customers and for program planning purposes. Information is also used to construct aggregate reports for state agencies and internal institutional studies.

Data collected by UCLA Career Center for in-house systems are stored in a secure database server at UCLA. Collection and access to student information is governed by the following campus and federal policies:

Job listings, resume services, and campus interviewing are provided through the NACElink Network.  The UCLA Career Center partners with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), a nonprofit professional organization for career centers and employers, and Direct Employers Association, a nonprofit association of national employers, to offer these services. Resumes and profiles of students and alumni participating in any of these services reside on the NACElink servers. There are two resume data bases in the NACElink system; a central global resume database and a local resume database. Resumes of students and alumni are automatically placed in the local resume database. Students and alumni have the option of submitting their resumes to the central global resume database.

Safeguarding Your Privacy

Fraudulent employers can and do attempt to post job listings on Handshake in order to obtain money or identity information from unsuspecting students.  Although UCLA Career Center staff reviews all new employer accounts to determine that contact information appears valid and job descriptions appear legitimate, some fraudulent parties have succeeded in posting jobs and internships.  In order to help safeguard students against potential threats, we are providing the following guidelines.

If you become suspicious that an employer or contact may be fraudulent, please report this immediately to or call the UCLA Career Center’s Handshake team at 310.206.1902. 
When interacting with contacts found in Handshake who present themselves as legitimate employers, please stop all communication and notify the UCLA Career Center team immediately if you experience any of the following:

  1. A job or internship is offered by phone or email on the spot, with no interview or meeting. (Request to meet with the employer in person at their place of business and confirm before meeting that it is not a residential address)
  2. The employer contact claims that he or she is out of the country and unavailable to meet but wants to start your employment immediately. (You should not start work or agree to any task or transaction until meeting with the employer)
  3. The employer sends you a check and requests that you deposit it in your personal bank account as part of your job duties. (Cease all contact with the employer and do not deposit any check. Please retain any correspondence and provide when reporting to UCLA Career Center staff)
  4. You are requested to use funds from your bank account to purchase gift cards, gift certificates, or merchandise, and asked to ship these purchases to the employer address
  5. You are asked to provide your social security number, credit card information, or other personal and financial information over the phone or by email
  6. The employer is unwilling or unable to provide any background information on their company or declines to provide a verifiable company address or phone number
  7. You are asked to purchase products or services
  8. You are asked to engage in work activities that appear questionable or illegal. 

After receiving credible and concerning information about an employer’s hiring practices, we will launch an immediate investigation and suspend their account and work with appropriate UCLA authorities and/or law enforcement.

For details on privacy practices, please review the NACElink Privacy Policy and the Direct Employers Privacy Policy. All privacy policies for our partners have been reviewed and accepted by the UCLA Career Center.


When users submit personally identifiable information via the UCLA Career Center website, the information is protected both online and off-line.

The UCLA Career Center uses 128-bit encryption for credit card and student identification information transmitted via the website. Users' information is restricted to University of California, Los Angeles employees who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, a career counselor). The UCLA Career Center uses third-party products for some of its website applications. Third-party partners are granted access to user information when it is necessary to ensure the proper function of a third-party application.

In addition, user data is password-protected, so only the users (or anyone to whom they provide their passwords) can access this information. All personally identifiable information the UCLA Career Center collects about users is stored in limited-access servers. The UCLA Career Center has technical, administrative, and physical security measures and safeguards in place to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under UCLA Career Center's control.


The UCLA Career Center website requires cookies to identify users. To log into our site, users will need to enable cookies in their browsers. Once users log out of the site or close their browser window, these cookies are removed from our system.

The UCLA Career Center partners with third-party organizations (e.g. Wayfinders, NACElink) for some of the applications accessed through our site. Some of these applications require cookies to be enabled in order to function properly. If users have questions about a partner's security or privacy policies please refer to that organization's website.

External Websites

While using the UCLA Career Center website, users may encounter hypertext links to the web pages of organizations not directly affiliated with the UCLA Career Center or the University of California, Los Angeles. The UCLA Career Center does not control the content or information practices of these external organizations; we highly recommend that users review the privacy statements of these organizations.

Code of Conduct and Privacy, Refunds, Legal Disclaimer for All E-Services

Code of Conduct and Privacy

The UCLA Career Center internet services are provided by the University of California, Los Angeles, for the express purpose of employment or career opportunities, for our students and alumni. Certain uses are inconsistent with this purpose including, but not limited to:

  • Activities that are illegal or fraudulent
  • Use that inaccurately implies endorsement, approval, or sponsorship by UCLA Career Center (or any individual officer of the University)
  • Use that can be confused with official communications of the UCLA Career Center
  • Mass mailings (sometimes known as spamming)
  • Activities that violate other users' privacy, such as granting access to the system or distributing information obtained from these services
  • Hate speech or harassment or pornography.

UCLA will deny further access to the secure portion of this website to those who engage in these or similar practices. Participants in the UCLA Career Center’s internet services who misuse information and communication services will be removed from our online users community permanently and they could face disciplinary or legal action.


Each service has its own set of Conditions of Use. Once payment transactions are successfully completed, they cannot be changed or cancelled. This agreement keeps these valuable services affordable and available and we therefore require you to carefully review the details of the Conditions of Use for each specific service you request before you click on "submit."

Legal Disclaimer for All E-Services

The links and/or information on this site are provided for research and educational information purposes only. The statements, opinions and/or conclusions drawn on the linked sites are not necessarily those of this website’s management. The UCLA Career Center is not responsible for the content on linked sites. Neither does the UCLA Career Center necessarily endorse and/or support the views expressed by the information contained on the linked sites listed. A mention and/or listings on this site does not indicate the UCLA Career Center's endorsement of any organization's and/or entity's activities, reports, publications and/or programs.

The UCLA Career Center cannot be held responsible and/or liable for any damages, real or imagined, past, present or future from the information contained on this site and/or the sites it links to hereafter.

Since the UCLA Career Center Center cannot control your ability to access the website at any particular time, the services provided on the site are on an "as-is as-available" basis. The UCLA Career Center is not responsible for technical problems with computers outside the UCLA Career Center. These problems include, but are not limited to: web browser problems; slow modem speed, frozen screens, disconnected lines, and problems resulting from older poorly performing equipment.