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Articles from the Chronicle of Higher Ed : What to Expect

Preparing for the Campus Interview:

Making the Most of Your Campus Interview:

The Campus Visit:

Interviewing at a Teaching-Focused University:

Interviewing for a Job at a Community College:

Giving a Job Talk in the Sciences:

Presenting Your Work:

When Your Presentation Style Holds You Back

How to Make A Name for Yourself:

Phone Interviews

When You Can’t be there in Person:

Interviewing Before You’re Invited to Campus:


Come as You Are:

The Worst Mistakes You Can Make:

Handling Hard Questions

How to Handle Difficult Interview Questions:

What to do When They Say “Tell Us About Your Research”:

View From the Other Side

Two Deans Explain Successful Faculty Searches:

The Ones We Didn’t Hire

Interviewing at the MLA: