Follow Up

Made a great first impression at the career fair? Don't forget to follow up! Recruiters appreciate the professionalism and careful attention shown by students who follow up on their initial Career Fair contact. Following up with a recruiter involves these simple steps:

  • Refer to the business cards you collected during the Career Fair for recruiter contact information.
  • Contact can be made through mail, email, or a phone call depending on your own preferences.
  • Your message to the recruiter should include a thank you for taking the time to discuss job opportunities at their company, an expressed interest in pursuing a position there, an inquiry about the resume review and candidate selection process, and an interest in meeting with them to further discuss your qualifications.
  • Though email is often a more casual form of communication, it is essential that you treat your follow up email as a formal letter (i.e., with appropriate headings, and a thorough spelling/grammar check).
  • Example of a follow up letter.