Approach Recruiters

Be assertive! The recruiters are there to answer questions and provide information to interested students. They are happy to speak with you, and will likely be pleased that you approached them. Approaching recruiters can be easy - if you're prepared. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit your high priority companies first. If the booth is busy when you get there, move on to another company table, and return to them later. (Overwhelmed recruiters may not give you their full attention.)
  2. Approach the recruiter with a smile and good eye contact. Try to be relaxed and friendly, while remaining assertive. Ask them if they have time to answer a few questions about their company.
  3. Use your list of prepared questions. Feel free to take notes, and read from your list of questions.
  4. Leave on a good note. Thank the recruiter for providing you with helpful information and shake their hand. You may want to ask them for a business card for future reference.