The interview is your chance to demonstrate how your personality, passions, and skills align with the needs and culture of a potential employer or institution.  Although you never know exactly what questions to expect, there are many things you can do to prepare for an interview.

The UCLA Career Center offers the following resources to help you prepare for and conduct your interview with confidence:

Interview Stream
Practice interviewing any time, anywhere from a computer or mobile device.  Choose from over 7,000 general and industry-specific interview questions.  Record, review, and retry your responses at your own pace.  You can even share the recording with friends, mentors, or family to get their feedback.

Create your InterviewStream account using your email address.

UCLA Interview Webshop
Watch this 13-minute video that covers the "10 Steps to Acing the Interview".  Click the icon in the upper left to skip between chapters.

UCLA Career Guide: Interview Chapter
The Interviewing Skills chapter of the UCLA Career Guide provides a concise overview of the interview process (from preparation through follow-up).  

Mock Interviews
After gaining some foundational knowledge using the above resources, feel free to schedule a mock interview with a career counselor through BruinView.  In a safe and supportive environment, practice your interview skills and receive immediate feedback from a trained professional. 

On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) 
Each year over 100 nationwide employers come to UCLA to conduct interviews for their competitive internship and entry-level positions.  If you would like to be eligible to apply for these positions with top companies, complete the OCR Orientation through MyUCLA.  After receiving 100% on both quizzes, you will instantly gain access to apply for the positions for which you qualify through BruinView.