Medical School Admissions Statistics For UCLA Graduates

Medical School Admissions Statistics for UCLA Graduates and Honors Graduates

The Medical School Acceptance Rates are listed by year. Each link includes the following topics.

  • Overall Medical School Admissions for First-Time Applicants
  • Medical School Admissions Admit Rate Table
  • UC & Other California Medical Schools Acceptance & Matriculation
  • Other Medical Schools (outside of California) Acceptance & Matriculation
  • Majors represented UCLA Applicants Accepted to Medical School

Medical School Acceptance Rate

About the New MCAT Scores:

The new MCAT debuted in 2015. Amongst the many differences between the old MCAT and the new MCAT are the scoring scales. For assistance, with interpreting new MCAT scores and/or old MCAT scores, click on the links below to the Association of American Medical College’s (AAMC) percentile tables.

New MCAT    |    Old MCAT

For more information, visit AAMC’s list of FAQs regarding the revised MCAT by clicking here.