PhD & Master's Career Services


The UCLA Career Center provides a range of services that specifically address the career needs of Master’s and PhD students. Over the course of your UCLA graduate education you will develop advanced skills in teaching, research, leadership, collaboration, writing, publishing, international experience, and much more. These skills can be successfully applied in academic and non-academic settings.  We’re here to help you explore your options.


As you prepare for your academic or non-academic career path, the UCLA Career Center will work with you to explore options, pursue internships, and hone your job search skills. The Career Center provides services and resources to help you identify career options through career counseling and the use of career assessments. Our counselors will help you create Curriculum Vitae or resume, prepare for the interview, and address personal issues that impact your career. The Career Center also offers workshops and career focused events, online job listings, a comprehensive career library, and reference file service.


The UCLA Master's & PhD Career Conference is a symposium for UCLA Graduate Students and Postdocs to connect with more than 90 advanced degree alumni, explore career paths, and develop professional skills used in and outside of the academy. Participation is free - find more information and where to register for the Master's & PhD Career Conference here.

The Versatile PhD logo
A valuable resource, The UCLA Versatile PhD, is now available. Find more information and instructions for accessing The VersatilePhD here.


  Get your online copy of the Graduate Student Career Guide from the UCLA Career Center. This is a comprehensive publication that will help you develop your career strategies.